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The Fast Diet: Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, Live Longer

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Is it possible to eat well, most of the time, and get slimmer and healthier as you do it? With The Fast Diet it is.


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We breathe approximately 20,000 times a day - so it's something that we can all improve for better health and wellbeing - no equipment or fancy fitness gear necessary.

Get Running

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Due 22nd February 2019. Get Running provides all the information aspiring runners need to take their first steps, as well as inspiration for staying motivated.

Eat What You Like & Lose Weight For

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You don't need a new diet, you just need this book.Discover why restrictive diets always fail, forget all the dieting myths that are dragging you down, and start doing what you actually need to do to get results with Graeme's easy-to-understand infographics and meal inspiration.
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Hairy Bikers Eat to Beat Type 2 Diabetes

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Kindfulness: Be a true friend to yourself - with mindful self-compassion

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By uniting mindfulness and self-compassion, this practical guide on the benefits of kindness is filled with simple tips and anecdotes will help you live a happier, more fulfilling life.


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In this paradigm-shifting book from acclaimed Harvard Medical School doctor and one of TIME magazine's 100 most influential people on earth, Dr. David Sinclair reveals that everything we think we know about ageing is wrong, and shares the surprising, scientifically-proven methods that can help readers live younger, longer.

A Little Course in Pilates

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Helps you learn a practical course in pilates. This title offers step-by-step pictures that show you what other courses only tell you and the practice moves keep you on the right track.

Feel Better In 5: Your Daily Plan to Supercharge Your Health

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Gut Feeling

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'Low FODMAP eating can really help those with IBS. Think again if you believe it will be boring. The mouth-watering recipes in here will help you adjust to a way of life that can help you manage your symptoms.' Dr Nina Byrne