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The Fast 800 Easy: Delicious simple recipes for intermittent fasting and long-term health

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30 Day Kick Start Plan

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Kick start your 2021 with this plan from the UK's favourite healthy cook and national treasure, Joe Wicks.
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The Plant-Based Diet Revolution: 28 days to a happier gut and healthier you

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Leading Gastroenterologist Dr Alan Desmond and Chef Bob Andrew show how to transform your health by switching to a whole-food plant-based diet in just 28-days
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Eat Up, Raise Your Game

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In his work with elite athletes, performance nutritionist Daniel Davey has seen first-hand how consistently eating good food can lead to trophies, personal bests and incredible physiques. In this cookbook he shares over 100 delicious, easy recipes, and a scientifically backed plan for boosting your performance and achieving your personal best.

Fast 800 Recipe Book

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Following Dr Michael Mosley's No.1 bestselling Fast 800, this fabulous companion cookbook offers a collection of delicious, nutritious recipes to help you incorporate the new 800-calorie programme into your daily life.
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Not a Diet Book: Take Control. Gain

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The Case for Keto: The Truth About Low-Carb, High-Fat Eating

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The Fitness Chef: Still Tasty: Reduced-calorie versions of 100 absolute favourite meals

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Graeme Tomlinson - nutrition coach and founder of phenomenal Instagram account, The Fitness Chef - shows you how a few small adjustments to your favourite recipes can significantly reduce calories.

The 800

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Six years ago, Dr Michael Mosley started a health revolution with the 5.2 Fast Diet, telling the world about the incredible power of intermittent fasting. In this book he brings together all the latest science - including a new approach: Time Restricted Eating - to create an easy-to-follow programme.
€10.99 €12.15