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Down to Earth

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The Wildflowers of Ireland: A Field Guide

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This superbly illustrated guide features over 530 of the wildflowers of Ireland with more than 1,200 of the author's photographs. This is a must for enthusiasts of all ages and experience and a complementary companion to the author's Wildflowers of Ireland - A Personal Record.

The Complete Gardener

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Discusses various aspects of organic gardening. This book reveals the secrets of growing abundant flowers and vegetables, plants and produce while respecting the needs of the environment.

RHS Step-by-Step Veg Patch: A Foolproof Guide to Every Stage of Growing Fruit and Veg

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Want to grow your own fruit or vegetables, but unsure how? RHS Step-by-Step Veg Patch contains brilliantly simple instructions on how to grow more than 50 different crops - perfect for beginners as well as keen gardeners.
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Well Gardened Mind

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Those who work with the earth have known for years: there's a magical quality to gardening. In a mix of psychology, neuroscience and stories from around the world, Sue Stuart-Smith breaks ground to explore the power of interacting with nature, and how the garden can provide a vital place to cultivate the mind.

RHS Complete Gardener's Manual

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A one-stop guide to creating and caring for your garden that covers various aspects of gardening from choosing the right tools for the job and improving soil to planning a productive kitchen garden. It combines practical advice with design inspiration and step-by-step techniques with photography to help you get the best out of your garden.

A Beautiful Obsession

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Jimi Blake has spent the last 25 years collecting stand-out plants which he grows in dynamic and innovative ways at the fabulous Hunting Brook Gardens. A Beautiful Obsession inspires new garden projects, rewrites the rule book about combining plants and changes the way you think about plants and gardens.
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Blathanna: Irish Spaces in Flower

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Bláthanna is a stunning curation of floral short stories in exceptional spaces. Drawing from Irish countryside textures and seasonal blooms, interior rooms & exterior structures, this anthology shows how flower creativity can be inspired and re-imagined.

Garden Design Bible: 40 Great off-the-Peg Designs - Detailed Planting Plans - Step-by-Step Projects - Gardens to Adapt for Your S

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The only book you'll ever need for the garden you've always wanted.

GROW COOK EAT: A GIY Guide to growing and cooking your own Food

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