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Grammar of Spice

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The ultimate stylish kitchen resource, exploring the history of sixty spices and their uses--a must have for cooks and food lovers alike

The Spirit of Whisky

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This book is a guide to the discovery of whiskey with its long history and many unique characteristics, from its basic ingredients to its production methods and regional variations. The reader will learn what makes American whiskey different from Canadian or Irish or Scotch whiskeys as well as the meaning of the terminology found on the labels.

Truly Tasty: Over 100 Special Recipes Created by Irelands Top Chefs for Adults Living with Kidney Disease

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Truly Tasty recipes have been created by Ireland's top chefs for adults living with kidney disease in Ireland. The book is the brainchild of Valerie Twomey, herself a kidney transplant recipient, who has spent over a year compiling it. Every recipe has been expertly analysed by dietitians from the Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute

Wine Label Language

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World Kitchen Thailand

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Explores the influences of geography, climate, culture and tradition that have shaped some of the world's most popular cuisines. This title takes the reader into the behind-the-scenes world of growers, artisans and chefs, revealing how their passion for their work helps maintain and re-interpret the traditions and flavours of a nation's cuisine.

Ultimate Slow Cooker Cookbook

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Time is short in the working day and it is difficult to find time at the end of it to produce a hot meal. With a slow cooker, you can be eating a nutritious and thrifty hot supper every evening, with minimal effort and preparation time.

Jane Grigson's Fish Book

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Takes the reader through the alphabet from anchovies to zander giving recipes and historical, geographical and culinary information on fish cookery. This book gives advice about the preparation and cooking of fish.

Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow.

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Joy of Home Wine Making

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Port and sharries, whites, reds, roses and melomels - make your own wine without owning a vineyard. This guide offers various techniques and equipment. It discusses aging, bottling, racking, blending, and experimenting. It includes dozens of original recipes for great-tasting fruit wines, spice wines, herb wines, sparkling wines, and sherries.