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Home Bar

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Home Bar covers all aspects of home bar design in addition to offering inspiration advice on how to create it; from which drinks to include, glassware and fridges, to recipes from some key bartenders and truly inspiring interiors.

Home Cooking: A Writer in the Kitchen

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Weaving together memories, recipes, and wild tales of years spent in the kitchen, this title is author's manifesto on the joys of sharing food and entertaining. From the humble hot-plate of her one-room apartment to the crowded kitchens of bustling parties, she regales us with tales of meals gone both magnificently well and disastrously wrong.

Home-Made Sweet Shop

Availability: 7-10 Day Delivery
Indulge yourself with the ultimate pleasure of homemade boiled sweets, taffies, toffees, fudges, nougats, marzipan, liquorice, candied fruits, truffles and chocolates. Step-by-step recipes include all the classics, such as Peppermint Humbugs and Butterscotch, as well as modern twists, like Almond Milk Fudge and Liquorice Star Anise Drops.

Homemade Wedding Cake

Availability: 7-10 Day Delivery
Whilst making your own wedding cake can seem daunting, it's actually easy when you've been shown the right materials and techniques. In this gorgeous and essential book, Natasha Collins reveals how a complete novice can create something stunning and inspirational for an unforgettable day.

Honey & Co: Food from the Middle East

Availability: 7-10 Day Delivery
Homely, fragrant and big-hearted food from the kitchen of Honey & Co.

Honey from a Weed

Availability: 7-10 Day Delivery

Hong Kong Diner: Recipes for Baos, Buns, Hotpots and More

Availability: 7-10 Day Delivery
Hong Kong Diner is the first cookbook to explore the east-meets-west diner food crossover of Hong Kong.

HOOKED: Tales from the Riverbank

Availability: In Stock
Inspirational armchair adventure narrative from one of the UK's most influential chefs.
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Hot Air Frying

Availability: 7-10 Day Delivery

Hot Air Frying & More

Availability: 7-10 Day Delivery