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Wonderful One-Pots: Easy peasy recipes made in just one pot

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Learn how to be a clever cook with this amazing new cookery series. Each Good Housekeeping one-pot recipe - triple-tested for perfect results - is guaranteed to stand the test of your occasion, be it a speedy midweek supper or a dinner party delight.

World Atlas of Coffee

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This ultimate guide to coffee contains comprehensive details on the beans and brews of more than 35 countries.

World Atlas of Gin

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The first book to cover the booming gin industry across the globe, country by country.
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World Atlas of Wine 8th Edition

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A major new edition of this landmark wine book that has sold 4.7 million copies worldwide.

World Cheese Book

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Helps you to develop an understanding of different cheese - from its provenance, to the producers, science, smells, how to savour each taste and even step-by-steps on how to make cheese. This book includes detailed profiles of over 750 cheeses from France to Australia.

World Kitchen Thailand

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Explores the influences of geography, climate, culture and tradition that have shaped some of the world's most popular cuisines. This title takes the reader into the behind-the-scenes world of growers, artisans and chefs, revealing how their passion for their work helps maintain and re-interpret the traditions and flavours of a nation's cuisine.

World of Whisky

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worlds best drinks

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Quench your thirst with over 60 recipes including cocktails, delicate tea brews and zingy aperitifs. Whether it's a refreshing Mexican Michelada, a home-infused sloe gin or a classic American milkshake, Lonely Planet has scoured the planet for the best tipples and soft drinks on offer. Perfect for any budding barista or bartender!

Yashim Cooks Istanbul: Culinary Adventures in the Ottoman Ki

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