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Jemima Puddleduck Beanie Boo

Availability: In Stock

Flopsy Rabbit Movie Soft Toy

Availability: In Stock
The super soft Flopsy Bunny cuddly toy is styled on the fun-loving character from the Peter Rabbit Movie. The 24cm Flopsy Bunny cuddly toy wears a stylish red jacket and makes the perfect gift for any young fan of the adventurous Peter Rabbit and his friends. Suitable from birth.

Aqua Blossom Bunny Medium

Availability: Out of Stock
Spend a golden afternoon among the flowers with Blossom Aqua Bunny. This delightful water blossom is a wave of turquoise fluff, with sweet floral ears and feet that make them the perfect seaside playmate.

Bashful Seaspray Bunny small

Availability: Out of Stock
Bashful Seaspray Bunny is ready for spring, in subtle shades of minty, mossy green. This peaceful pal has a fluffy tail, long strokeable ears and squidgy-soft paws. Take this bun to the beach for a bouncy adventure!

Peanut Penguin Small Jellycat

Availability: Out of Stock
Little Peanut Penguin has come all the way from the Arctic and wants to be your best friend!

Jellycat Bashful Monkey (Medium)

Availability: Out of Stock
Made of beautiful silky smooth Bashful fur in a scrummy creamy chocolatey colour, this monkey swings through the trees as fast as can be, to become a number one playmate- understandably!

Biscuit Medium Bashful Bunny

Availability: Out of Stock
For a cosy cuddle with a sprinkle of sweetness, snuggle Bashful Biscuit Bunny Medium! This supersoft bun looks straight from the oven in scrumptious golden-brown fur. With long lop ears, chunky paws, shiny eyes and a sugar-pink nose, this yummy chum is irresistible!