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Divine Masters, Ancient Wisdom: Activations to Connect with Universal Spiritual Guides

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The Ascended Masters are enlightened souls who walked the Earth before us and now offer their wisdom and light to the world. Anyone can connect and work with the Ascended Masters. This book will help you open to their divine intelligence and receive their support and guidance as your sacred journey unfolds.

Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient and the Past-life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives

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A few years ago, psychiatrist Brian Weiss was approached for treatment by Catherine, a 27-year-old suffering from anxiety, depression, panic attacks and phobias. This book tells the story of Catherine's successful treatment and how her case was to make a vital contribution to Dr Weiss's work.

Do You Love Bugs?

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Elemental Power Tarot: Includes a Full Deck of 78 Cards and a 64-Page Illustrated Book

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A unique approach to tarot with symbol-rich scenes based on the five elements - fire, water, air, earth and spirit - translating the cards' divine wisdom into actionable guidance.

Finding Your Own North Star: How to Claim the Life You Were Meant to Live

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Do you feel that your life has taken a wrong turn and you don't know how to get back on track? This text provides a step-by-step programme to put you on course again. It shows how to recognise your deepest desires, examines why they have been forgotten and gives advice on how to fulfill them.

Human Design

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Introducing Human Design, the revolutionary system that reveals the personality `blueprint' of who you were born to be. Using the precise details of your birth, it's more accurate than astrology. And by downloading the free software, you can map your own life chart, and those of your friends and family. You'll never read your horoscope again.

Moonology Oracle Cards

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A gorgeously illustrated 44-card deck which enables us to call upon the formidable power of the Moon and tap into Her ancient wisdom for healing, guidance and protection. The accompanying guidebook reveals how to interpret the cards and work with them to create, plan and predict life.

Nature'S Whispers Oracle Cards

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The Lunar Living Journal: A guided moon journal to help you find joy and purpose

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From the author of Lunar Living comes a beautiful, interactive moon journal to guide readers on their journey through the cycles and reap the incredible benefits.