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Mixed Media Storytelling Workbook: Art Journaling Inspiration, Words and Prompts

Availability: 7-10 Day Delivery
A hardcover, work-along book with demo, tutorials, techniques, tips, suggestions and prompts and lots of blank, textured background pages for readers to fill in. Content from many of North Light's most popular art journaling authors

Modelling Narrow Gauge Railways in Small Scales

Availability: 7-10 Day Delivery
Features a summary of the development of narrow gauge railways in the British Isles, and offers a detailed, but easily digestible, consideration of the complex and wide choice of scales available to the modeller. This book covers all aspects of construction, including materials and tools, skills and techniques, and layout design.

Models of Influence: 50 Women Who Reset the Course of Fashion

Availability: 7-10 Day Delivery
"Interweaving ... photographs and ... anecdotes, [this book] profiles 50 women who have made an unforgettable impression on fashion, the modeling industry, and our notions of beauty. Eight chronological chapters, each of which spotlight an era, feature the stories and images of women who made their mark"

Modern Architecture

Availability: 7-10 Day Delivery

Modern Architecture A-Z

Availability: 7-10 Day Delivery
Explore the A-Z of modern space. From Gio Ponti's colored geometries to Zaha Hadid's free-flowing futurism, this comprehensive overview features more than 280 profiles of architects, styles, movements, and trends that have shaped structures from the 19th to the 21st century.

Modern Architecture Since 1900

Availability: 7-10 Day Delivery
A penetrating analysis of the modern architectural tradition and its origins.

Modern Architecture: A Critical History

Availability: 7-10 Day Delivery
A survey of modern architecture and its origins. This book also explores the effects of globalization on architecture, the rise annd rise of the celebrity architect, and the way in which practices worldwide have addressed such issues as sustainability and habitat.

Modern Calligraphy and Hand Lettering

Availability: 7-10 Day Delivery
Modern Calligraphy and Hand Lettering covers everything you need for starting or improving your hand lettering skills.

Modern Chinese Ink Paintings

Availability: 7-10 Day Delivery
Displaying the beauty and skill of Chinese ink paintings through a selection of highlights from the British Museum's collection, this book features hanging scrolls, hand scrolls, large-scale paintings and album leaves to explore the innovative contributions of individual masters from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.