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Picasso and Truth: From Cubism to Guernica

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From Pablo Picasso's early The Blue Room to the later Guernica, this book offers a striking reassessment of the artist's paintings from the 1920s and 1930s. It focuses on three central works - the large-scale Guitar and Mandolin on a Table (1924), The Three Dancers (1925), and The Painter and His Model (1927).

Pictura Posters: Art Deco

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Art for everyone, to collect and colour, in a bigger format!

Pictura Posters: William Morris

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Picture Theory

Availability: 7-10 Day Delivery
In this companion volume to "Iconology", the author investigates pictures - the concrete, representational objects in which images appear. Focusing on popular and television coverage of the Gulf War, he examines the capacity of visual images to awaken/stifle public debate, emotion and violence.

Picturing and Poeting

Availability: Out of Stock
Latest collection of playful graphics and creative wordplay from Fletcher.

Piet Oudolf: Landscapes In Landscapes

Availability: 7-10 Day Delivery
Piet Oudolf, one of world's most visionary and influential landscape gardeners, is at the forefront of the New Perennial planting movement. This title features twenty-three of Oudolf's most beautiful public and private gardens. It explains how these gardens and the plants fit the specific environment.

Place for All People

Availability: 7-10 Day Delivery
A stunningly designed memoir with pictures by one of the world's leading architects and urban thinkers - 'A towering genius' Telegraph

Plain Simple Useful: The Essence of Conran Style

Availability: Out of Stock
Make the most of your time, space and funds with this indispensable guide to contemporary living by the world's leading guru on interior design.

Planet Banksy: The Man, His Work and the Movement He Inspired

Availability: 7-10 Day Delivery
Planet Banksy brings together some of the very best pieces of art from all corners of the world that have been inspired by Banksy, as well as featuring some of his own innovative, profound and controversial work.