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hand sculpted house

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Use the oldest, most available materials imaginableYearth, clay, sand, straw, and waterYand blend them to redefine the future (and past) of building.

Bridges: A History of the World's Most Spectacular Spans

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From the best-selling author of Skyscrapers comes the much-anticipated revised edition of her magnificent chronological tour of the world's most significant and eye-popping spans, now in color and bigger than ever.


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Edgar Degas

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A beautifully produced literary art book that restores a collection of drawings and pastels to the heart of the life story one of the great artists of the 19th century - now in paperback.

Grow Your Own Cut Flowers

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A guide for the flower arranger who wants to grow their own flowers but has never gardened before, and for the gardener who wants ideas in order to fill their house with their harvest.

Why Buildings Fall Down

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The authors examine buildings of all kinds, from ancient domes like Istanbul's Hagia Sophia to the state-of-the-art Hartford Civic Arena. Their subjects range from the man-caused destruction of the Parthenon to the earthquake damage of 1989 in Armenia and San Francisco.

Lives of the Great Gardeners

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Throughout history great gardeners have risen from all walks of life. What they all have in common is the ability to take an idea and develop it in a new manner relevant to their times. The book moves from the politically allusive gardens of 18th-century England, to Charles Jencks' Scottish garden inspired by 21st-century cosmography.

Nike SB: The Dunk Book

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The first book on Nike s iconic DUNK SB, a mid-rise basketball court staple that has in the last two decades become a colourful (and often irreverent) icon of skate and street wear.

How to Paint Like Turner

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J M W Turner was one of the greatest artists of Britain. His watercolours, with their extraordinary effects of shifting light and dramatic cloudscapes, are especially highly regarded. This book reveals the secrets of his technique, allowing watercolourists to try them out themselves.


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Aimed at beginners, this book shows how beautiful images can be created from repeating patterns. Accredited Zentangle teacher Jane Marbaix demonstrates a range of patterns one step at a time and offers a sourcebook of her own designs to inspire tanglers to try something different.