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Stained Glass

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Presents a survey on the different types of decorations using stained glass. This book includes examples from the Art Nouveau ceilings of Parisian department stores, to designs from the Islamic world, and to the temples and palaces of India, Indonesia and Japan.

The Lost Carving: A Journey to the Heart of Making

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Exploring the determination, concentration and skill that go into achieving any form of excellence, Esterly breathed life into the world of wood carving. The Lost Carving reveals an astonishing life.

Looking at Paintings: A Private View

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Draws together an eclectic and personal mix of painters: from Picasso to Carpaccio, from Cranach to Nolan.

Da Vinci's Last Commission: The Most Sensational Detective Story In The History of Art

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Imagine you have an old painting, a Madonna and Child, that has been in your family for years. What if that old family painting was thought to be by a pupil of Leonardo da Vinci. This is a tale of courage and tenacity of a woman who challenged the international art establishment, orthodox history and the Church in her quest for the truth.

Masterpieces of British Design

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Each featured design is not only beautifully illustrated but also accompanied by authoritative descriptive information and an in-depth explanatory text.

Damien Hirst's ABC

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Art and the Internet

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Art and the Internet is a much-needed visual survey of art influenced by, situated on and taking the subject of the internet over the last two and a half decades. The book examines the legacy of the internet on art, and, importantly, illuminates how artists and institutions are using it and why.

Molly's Style Icons

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Mastering Digital Photography

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Covering digital technology and techniques from a photographers perspective, this book guides the reader through various aspects of photography. It offers tips and techniques for studio and location shooting, and advice on managing light and manipulating your original capture to obtain the best possible result.