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Garden Awakening

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The Garden Awakening is a garden design book with a difference. Drawing inspiration from long-forgotten Irish gardening traditions, Chelsea Gold Award Winner Mary Reynolds re-imagines gardens as spaces that work in harmony with nature.

Manmade Wonders of the World

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Open Gardens of Ireland

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A Eileen Gray: A House Under the Sun

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An intimate and inventively presented biography of Eileen Gray, an industrial designer who made revolutionary work with lacquer and whose architectural opus, E1027, has long been incorrectly attributed to Le Corbusier.


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Transform your home with inspiration and advice from one of the world's leading home decorating brands, Farrow & Ball.

Japan Style

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Offering rare glimpses into 20 exquisite traditional homes in Japan, the lavish photographs in this volume demonstrate how Japanese design achieves a timeless tranquility using a few very simple, natural elements.

Photography: History Art Technique

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Planting for Honeybees: The grower's guide to creating a buzz

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A contemporary guide to growing plants for honeybees
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Rooms: Create the Home You Want for Your Life

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In Rooms, award-winning architect Declan O'Donnell shows us how we can release our inner designer to create a home that works for the way we live.