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Worlds Within Worlds: Colour New Realms

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Step into another world in a colouring book that breaks all the rules. Epic doodler Kerby Rosanes allows his wildest imaginings to come to life as he creates microcosms of strange realities with his own unique twist.

Calming Celtic Colouring

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An excellent antidote to the stresses of modern life, Calming Celtic Colouring will relax your mind and allow you to focus on the simple pleasure of colouring in.

Designing Graphic Props for Filmmaking

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Love Your Home

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Get inspired by beautiful spaces. Get passionate about design. Improve your house. Love your home.


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An accessible history of the Bauhaus, tracing the ideas behind its conception and its highly influential teaching methods.

Graphic Design School: A Foundation Course

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The seventh edition of the market-leading, practical book for both students and small businesses.

Mad About the House: 101 Interior Design Answers

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A practical how-to guide from the author of Mad About the House, the bestselling book and UK's number 1 interiors blog. This easy-to-use dictionary of interior design answers all those questions you wanted to solve but were afraid to ask.
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Wreck This Journal: Now in Colour

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Notorious bad boy of Italian Baroque painting, Caravaggio (1571-1610) is finally getting the recognition he deserves. In this book you'll find over 50 of Caravaggio's best paintings; we think you'll agree that he was a genius beyond his time.