Why Can't Everything Just Stay the Same

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 320
Pub Date: 05/10/2017
ISBN: 9781473662414
Quick overview First book from the creator of hit TV series Can't Cope/Won't Cope
Product description

As a child, being in new places made Stefanie Preissner ill - hence, her family holidayed in the same apartment on the same island off the Spanish coast for nine years in a row. At Christmas she wrote lengthy letters to Santa (note: letters, plural) begging him not to bring any surprises. She hated change. Of all descriptions. But change happens, no matter what we do. Why Can't Everything Just Stay the Same? is a book about the many ways in which Stefanie has changed, despite her best and sustained efforts to stay the same. In the book, Stefanie will discuss efforts to age gracefully (or better yet, not at all), childhood friendships, romantic relationships, independence, social media (she's more JOMO - joy of missing out - than FOMO, tbh) and launching her career as a writer.

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