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Dogman - Attack of the Fleas Board Game

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The Fleas (Fuzzy Little Evil Animal Squad) are at it again. Fortunately, the Supa Buddies are ready to jump into action. Using the Shrink Ray, Invisible Spray, the helicopter, and more, everyone works together to stop the villainous villains!

Marble Run - 30-Piece

Availability: Out of Stock
Snap-together tubes and chutes are easy to handle and help improve dexterity. A great kit for the budding builder, this marble run provides endless hours of fascinating fun.


Availability: In Stock
Discover all the possibilities of the wonderful and wacky Mr. Potato Head toy!

4oz Single can Play-doh (varying colours)

Availability: In Stock
Pop open a can of creativity! With a handful of squishy, colorful Play-Doh compound, you'll never guess what kids might create next.

Cluedo - The Classic Mystery Game (Junior edition)

Availability: In Stock
It's the case of the missing cake in this classic "whodunit" game for kids. For ages 5+.

Irish Women Writers Magnetic Bookmark

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Marble Run - 50-Piece

Availability: In Stock
A fascinating toy for young children which requires dexterity and imagination. Bright, durable and appealing, this marble run is 50 pieces with additional glass marbles provided.


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Grab & go game is a compact mobile version of the connect 4 game. All-in-one playing grid makes storage easy.