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Rala: A Life in Rugby

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Irish rugby as you've never seen it before -- from the man who got the job every rugby lover would love to have.

Rebel Read: The Prince of Speed

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Availability: 7-10 Day Delivery
How did German football transform itself from its efficient, but unappealing and defensively minded traditions to the free-flowing, attacking football that was on display in 2014? Packed with exclusive interviews with the key protagonists, this book lifts the lid on the secrets of German football's success.

Red Machine: Liverpool FC in the '80s: the Players' Stories

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During the 1980s, Liverpool Football Club dominated English football, winning six league titles, two European Cups, two FA Cups and four League Cups. This book features interviews of most colourful characters to have played for the club during that period.

Red Odyssey: Liverpool FC 1892-2017

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Red Odyssey is a collection of 125 individual love letters to Liverpool FC and its people, written with a Scouse accent. From the fire of 19th-century boardroom conflict and intrigue, a new sporting institution was born - which would then embark on a glorious 125-year odyssey, conquering European football and winning every major honour available.

Red: My Autobiography

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No player has been more synonymous with the glory years of Manchester United Football Club than Gary Neville. This title reveals the secrets of his early days with the likes of Giggs, Scholes and his best mate David Beckham; what it was like to play with Cantona, Keane and Ronaldo; and, the Treble in 1999.

Richer Than God: Manchester City, Modern Football and Growing Up

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David Conn's journey from supporter to sceptic - an impassioned look at what modern football means for its fans.


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The first ever biography of slave turned bare-knuckle boxing legend Bill Richmond (1763-1829).


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Ride lays bare the harrowing beginnings and the tough life lessons learned by superstar John Buultjens on his rise to BMX Glory, Against All the Odds. High-octane BMX enabled John to change his destiny, carrying him from a dead-end Glasgow estate to leader of iconic US BMX brand, Haro - his white-knuckle ride now the subject of a Hollywood movie.