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Browse books on major religions, bibles and prayerbooks, and explorations of the nature of spirituality and belief.

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Becoming Supernatural

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New York Times bestselling author Dr Joe Dispenza offers a programme that helps readers achieve a healthier, more efficient body, mind and spirit, based on research conducted at his workshops since 2012, in which he uses the most cutting-edge tools and techniques.

Bringing Death to Life

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A special, thought-provoking and ultimately deeply comforting book which shines a light into an area that needs to become part of the ordinary conversation of life -- death.

Buddhism Plain and Simple

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The teachings of the Buddha are plain and straightforward because they remain focused on the moment. This book is about awareness, about being 'awake' and in touch with what is going on here and now. It is suitable for those wanting to discover, or rediscover, the essence of Buddhism.

The Penguin Book of Dragons

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The Little Book of Crystal Magic: Harnessing the Sacred Power of Crystals

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The Little Book of Crystal Magic is filled with simple rituals, enchantments and spells that allow you to harness the mystical power of crystals for self-care and personal harmony.
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Wild Card: Let the Tarot Tell Your Story

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A practical, modern and inspirational illustrated guide to tarot, its stories, meanings and what the cards can teach us about ourselves

Heaven and Hell: A History of the Afterlife

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The bestselling historian of early Christianity takes on two of the most gripping questions of human existence - where did the ideas of heaven and hell come from, and why do they endure?

Talking Zen

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Anime Tarot: Explore the Archetypes, Symbolism, and Magic in Anime

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The Anime Tarot Deck and Guidebook will help modern tarot readers and interested parties who grew up on anime to better understand the spiritual and intuitive power of the cards-no matter their experience level-with a fun twist!

Going Home: Irish Stories from the Edge of Death - Near-death Journeys, Out-of-body Travel, Death-bed Visions

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Real-life stories of Irish people who have undergone near-death experiences, out of body travel and death-bed visions.