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Paperback, 13/09/2012, €12.15
In the westernmost province of the Kingdom of the Isles, upon the world of Midkemia, an orphan kitchen boy named Pug was made apprentice to the magician Kulgan. Here starts an adventure that will span lifetimes and worlds. Discover where the story begins.

A Darkness at Sethanon

Paperback, 17/01/2013, €12.15
The triumphant finale to the Riftwar Saga - Raymond E. Feist's first classic, bestselling fantasy trilogy

Prince of the Blood

Paperback, 14/08/2004, €13.50
A newly revised edition of Raymond E. Feist' s continuation of his classic Riftwar series. Set twenty years after the events of the Riftwar, Prince of the Blood follows the adventures of Prince Arutha's sons in the dangerously unstable Great Empire of Kesh.

A Crown Imperilled

Paperback, 28/02/2013, €12.95
The penultimate volume of the mighty Riftwar Cycle from best selling author Raymond E. Feist.

A Kingdom Besieged

Paperback, 13/02/2012, €11.10
Discover the fate of the original black Magician, Pug, and his motley crew of agents who safeguard the world of Trigia, as prophecy becomes truth in the first book of the last ever Midkemian trilogy.

Magician's End

Paperback, 22/04/2014, €12.95
Discover the fate of the original black Magician, Pug, as prophecy becomes truth in the last book of the Riftwar Cycle.


Paperback, 17/01/2013, €12.15
The second volume in Raymond E. Feist's highly acclaimed epic fantasy Riftwar Saga

Faerie Tale: A Novel of Terror and Fantasy

Paperback, 21/09/1989, €14.85
Reissued in spectacular new cover of Feist's chilling dark fantasy

Shadow of a Dark Queen

Paperback, 04/06/2015, €12.95
The astonishing first volume in Raymond E. Feist's bestselling Serpentwar Saga...

Rise of a Merchant Prince

Paperback, 04/06/2015, €13.50
The second book in Raymond Feist's bestselling quartet: The Serpentwar Saga.