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Managing Your Own Learning at University

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This practical self-help guide for students helps them meet the challenges of going to university. Here, the often daunting experience of facing new subjects, reading lists, large classes and different methods of teaching and assessment are addressed in an entertaining, accessible and helpful way.

Mandarin Chinese English Bilingual Visual Dictionary

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Maps of the World's Oceans

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This lavishly illustrated, fact-filled atlas-a follow-up to Maps of the World-allows children to discover the fascinating and mysterious world below sea level.

Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic

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"From one of the world's premier practitioners of classic magic, with years of experience instructing younger readers in the magical arts, comes this new revision of his complete guide to learning and"

Mastering the Process

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Mastering the Process: From Idea to Novel

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A master class for any would-be author of fiction from one of the most successful writers of crime fiction in the world
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Memory Coach

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You too can develop a better, sharper memory using the exercises in this book. From improving short-term memory to using repetition and from techniques for learning text to building memory palaces, improve your memory skills in 40 days.


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Mensa: Quick Travel Puzzles brings the challenge of Mensa to you every day for your journey or vacation with a book of puzzles specially designed for you to take on any trip. These 150 quick puzzles can be solved wherever you may find yourself with a few minutes to spare.

Mensa: Logic Tests: Challenge Your Powers of Deduction and Logical Thinking

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Features a series of logic problems that have been created by Mensans with the aim of specifically improving various aspects of logical thought and lateral thinking through puzzle solving and problem confrontation.

Mind the Gaffe: The Penguin Guide to Common Errors in English

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For all those who have ever feared being shown up by using one of the twenty worst words and phrases to be avoided at all costs, or confusing the complex with the complicated, this trouble-shooting guide to common errors in English should be able to help.