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Beginning Theory

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Driver Theory Test CD-Rom: Truck & Bus (FS)

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Suppose a Sentence

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SUPPOSE A SENTENCE is a critical and personal reflection on the art of the sentence in literature.

You've Passed!: A Practical Guide t

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A concise and clear book, preparing student drivers for their driving tests and beyond. Learn the requirements of the RSA driving test, as well as common mistakes and most common reasons for being failed. Kathleen Comerford educates and encourages you towards thoughtful and safe driving, making Ireland's roads safer both for you and others.

Remarkable Minds

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A beautiful collection of iconic talks by the world's most remarkable minds

Simplex 4

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100 new crosswords from Irish Times crossword setter Mary O'Brien.

The Big Quiz Book

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collins school irish dictionary

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Ideal for students looking for an up-to-date, clear Irish dictionary for everyday home and class use and for exams revision.

Get it: Irish Driving Test

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Managing Your Own Learning at University

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This practical self-help guide for students helps them meet the challenges of going to university. Here, the often daunting experience of facing new subjects, reading lists, large classes and different methods of teaching and assessment are addressed in an entertaining, accessible and helpful way.