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Bunreacht na hEireann / The Constitution of Ireland

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The Irish Constitution. January 2020 Edition.

The Premonition

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The extraordinary story of a group who anticipated, traced and hunted the coronavirus; who understood the need to think differently, to learn from history, to question everything; and to do all of this fast, in order to act, to save lives, communities, society itself.
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Our Wild World

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Ireland's favourite force of nature, Eanna Ni Lamhna, is on a mission to open our hearts and minds to our wonderful, wild world - to help us find the balance between our needs and the future of our precious planet.

Rules of the Road 2019 Edition

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Official Rules of the Road for Ireland, from the Road Safety Authority. Clear, concise and complete.

Driver Theory Test CD-Rom: Truck & Bus (FS)

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Atomic Habits

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A revolutionary guide to using tiny changes in behaviour to transform your life.
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Ireland's Garden Birds

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An essential companion for bird lovers and gardeners alike since it was first published, this highly successful guide to identifying garden birds has now been fully updated. Highlighting a range of plants and planting schemes that support wildlife, it provides expert advice on making your garden a haven for birds.

Tarzan Economics: Eight Principles for Pivoting through Disruption

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In a rapidly evolving environment, the ability to pivot and change what you do and how you do it can be crucial to survive major disruption - this book shows you how
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