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Staff Recommended Reads

Each month our booksellers choose their six favourite new titles, and those become our monthly Staff Recommended Reads. From insightful non-fiction to gripping thrillers to future classics, we hope you'll enjoy these books as much as we do! To view some of our previous choices, click here.

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The 6:20 Man

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***Dubray Staff Recommended Read*** Travis Devine takes the train every morning into his high- flying job as a financial analyst. But on one particular morning, an incident he spies from the train carriage alerts him to the fact that all may not be as it seems. When, soon after, his work colleague and former girlfriend is found dead at his office building, the pressure ramps up as he himself is suddenly under suspicion. A hugely gripping and tense ride full of sublime twists and turns. Recommended by Ronan Quinn, Dubray Galway
€15.99 €20.95

The House of Fortune

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***Dubray Staff Recommended Read*** This novel will immerse you in the vibrant and richly imagined world of Amsterdam in 1705. We pick up the loose threads of the story eighteen years after The Miniaturist ended and while the city itself is flourishing, the same cannot be said of the occupants of the house on the Herengracht. Nella, uncertain about the future, looks for a way to help her family, while her niece Thea longs to make her own path in the world. Truly enthralling! Recommended by Imogen McBean, Dubray Dundrum
€14.99 €20.95

Her Majesty's Royal Coven (HMRC, Book 1)

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***Dubray Staff Recommended Read*** As young witches, the five girls were bonded by a pact, though enduring a magical war and terrible loss has left them with scars. Life has driven them in different directions – but now there are visions of a coming war, more brutal than before. With the world on a knife’s edge, could the choices they make to prevent catastrophe actually precipitate it? Imagine Spice Girls meets The Craft; an entertaining rollercoaster ride that had me tearing breathlessly through the pages! Recommended by Karina Clifford, Dubray Rathmines
€14.99 €18.15

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

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***Dubray Staff Recommended Read*** This may sound like a book about video games. If you love them, carry on. You will definitely love this. If you don’t, know that this dazzlingly intricate piece of fiction is about so much more. Follow the friendships of Sadie, Sam and Marx, from Massachusetts to California, from the 1980s to the 2000s. Exploring loneliness, creation, identity, illness, and tragedy - but above all love, and our need to connect – this strangely life-affirming book is one you won’t forget. Recommended by Sara Aylward Brown, Dubray Cork
€15.99 €18.15


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***Dubray Staff Recommended Read*** 1429: France and England are 90 years into the ‘Hundred Years’ War’. A young Joan witnesses violence and cruelty at close hand, from English soldiers and from her father. At 16, she has grown too tall and strong for him to beat, and her innate strength and power bring her to the attention of the Dauphin’s agents. This is a powerful, utterly compelling reimagining of the heroic and tragic life of Joan of Arc - I couldn’t put it down Recommended by Aoife Roantree, Dubray Liffey Valley
€16.99 €20.95


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***Dubray Staff Recommended Read*** Logan Ramsay has been targeted due to a family legacy he’s been trying to avoid his whole life. His genetics have been hacked in the first experimental step of a far reaching, insidious plan. This evolution leaves him feeling sharper and more capable, but it also may make him the only one with the means to stop the upcoming chaotic war for humanity. A clever, energetic novel full of ideas, that questions our limits and our potential. Recommended by Donal Harding, Dun Laoghaire
€15.99 €20.95