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Each month our booksellers choose their six favourite new titles, and those become our monthly Staff Recommended Reads. From insightful non-fiction to gripping thrillers to future classics, we hope you'll enjoy these books as much as we do! To view some of our previous choices, click here.

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**Dubray Staff Recommended Read** The face of a lifestyle brand with an almost cult-like following, Samantha Miller has spent her career fighting for the right of every woman to tell their truth. But her perfectly curated life begins to unravel when a childhood friend suggests that Samantha’s truth may not be the whole story. Deftly exploring wellness culture, social media influencers, and the murkier side of the #MeToo movement, this novel is as compulsive as a thriller and might be O’Neill’s best yet! Recommended by Alison Reilly, Dubray Liffey Valley
€13.99 €19.55

Spies in Canaan

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**Dubray Staff Recommended Read** A naive young American diplomat is sucked in by the intrigues and machinations of a rogue intelligence officer in 1970s Saigon. Years later, retired after a distinguished diplomatic career, he receives a mysterious package. With hints of Graham Greene and John le Carré, this a powerful study of guilt and redemption, dealing not just with America’s imperial past but also its current immigration crisis. With Spies in Canaan, Park again proves that he is one of the finest writers on this island. Recommended by Brian Blacker, Dubray Grafton St.
€14.99 €19.55

Take My Hand

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**Dubray Staff Recommended Read** Civil Townsend wants to make a difference in her black community in 1970s Alabama. A nurse at a family planning clinic, she is surprised when her first two patients are children. Bent on protecting them as a shocking truth emerges, Civil must question her own judgement and good intentions. Based on true events around a landmark court case, this stunning novel demonstrates how one courageous human being can help change a vile system. Heart-breaking and profoundly moving. Recommended by Aileen Smyth, Dubray Liffey Valley
€16.99 €20.95

The Game: A Journey Into the Heart of Sport

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**Dubray Staff Recommended Read** Tadhg Coakley has had a life wrapped up in, and around, the world of sport. Part memoir, part reflection, all sports fans will find a kindred spirit within the pages of this book. His snapshot reminiscences of sporting milestones will evoke memories in us all – with all the thrills and excitement that came with them - while also exploring the importance, and failings, of sport in our communities and the world beyond. An entertaining and thought-provoking read. Recommended by Emma Shannon, Dubray Cork

The Watchers

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**Dubray Staff Recommended Read** Mina is left stranded in Connemara when her car breaks down. A nearby forest seems to offer shelter, but Mina soon learns that this couldn’t be further from the truth…The Watchers is a claustrophobic read that quickly drags us into its underground lair. With dark tendrils of folktales wreathed around a contemporary horror, the reader is presented with a subtly disquieting, sometimes viciously harrowing story of four people who only want one thing: to get out alive! Recommended by Mona Jakob, Dubray Galway
€11.99 €12.55

Think of Me

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**Dubray Staff Recommended Read** 1943: James and Yvette meet during the war in Alexandria, Egypt, he a handsome fighter pilot and she a glamorous, wealthy girl fond of opera and fast driving. They fall in love in an air raid shelter. 1974: James is now a widowed English vicar forced to face the truth about himself, his marriage and his faith when his home literally and figuratively falls apart. Follow James on the path to redemption in this beautifully written companion to We Must Be Brave Recommended by Margot McIntyre, Dubray Stillorgan
€14.99 €18.15

You Made a Fool of Death With Your Beauty

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**Dubray Staff Recommended Read** Perfect for the summer, this is a scorching-hot romance, for fans of Taylor Jenkins Reid and Emily Henry. Emerging back into the world after the death of the love of her life, Feyi finds herself caught in a high-flying, whirlwind encounter that sweeps her off her feet, showing her what it means to live and love again. Emezi’s characters are complex, outspoken and completely electric — I was pulled in from the start and didn’t let go until the last page. Recommended by Luke Murphy, Dubray Grafton St.
€15.99 €18.15

The War for Gloria

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**Dubray Staff Recommended Read** Corey is losing his mother by degrees. As a boy, he indulges in nautical reveries, inspired perhaps by the peripatetic nature of his formative years. Now, finally settled in a Boston suburb, he is truly unmoored, while Gloria is whittled away by a terminal illness. This book bears all the concomitant hallmarks of The Great American Novel. It’s also reminiscent of the work of John Irving, uniquely concerned with boyhood, maternal devotion and absconding fathers. A future classic. Recommended by Leon Hickey, Dubray Galway
€13.99 €15.35