You Are Here

You Are Here

By Eva Woods



Life doesn't come with a map. Maybe you're going the right way after all. It's the morning of Ellie Warren's wedding day and she's hiding under her childhood bed. She can't shake the feeling that she isn't where she's supposed to be - getting married, that is - but has no idea where exactly she should be. As Ellie looks back on the biggest decisions she's made in her life, the ones that have led her to this moment, you'll see the choices she made as well as what could have been. You'll see everything Ellie has avoided and everything she's gone through; the highs and the lows. But the big question is this: has Ellie taken a wrong turn somewhere? Or is she exactly where she's meant to be? You Are Here is about how the tiniest of choices can cause ripples through our lives. It explores what could have been while also reminding us to have a little faith in what's about to happen. ------------------------ Praise for Eva Woods and her novels: 'Uplifting' Independent 'Life-affirming' Adele Parks 'Smart and wise' Tasmina Perry 'Touching and thought-provoking' Holly Miller, author of The Sight of You

ISBN: 9780751585315


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