Wulfie The Great Escape P/B

Wulfie The Great Escape P/B

By L. J. Sedgwick



The latest funny adventure for a young girl and her wolfish best friend! Aunt Ilda is coming to visit, and that means big trouble for Libby and her adorable purple best friend, Wulfie. Ilda will do anything to win the top dog show prize on live TV. Anything. Including kidnapping Wulfie! But Wulfie, of course, isn't a dog at all. He talks, he shrinks and grows, and when he sneezes - time freezes. He's the sweetest best friend Libby could hope for - and now he needs her help. Can Libby rescue Wulfie and humiliate Aunt Ilda on TV? Well, with a best friend like Wulfie, anything can happen.

ISBN: 9781912417735


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