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Writing in Short, Readable and Elegant Style

Writing in Short, Readable and Elegant Style

By Mahmoud Nourmohammadi



The main aim of this book is to make writing in general and in particular essay, article and paper writing as easy as possible. By achieving this target, the learners can reduce various kinds of long and complicated clauses in verbless clauses, phrases and even in compound noun or nouns. Writing in Short, Readable and Elegant Style: - helps English learners develop their knowledge to improve their skills in writing. - provides an accessible reference for writing essays, articles and papers in short, elegant and academic style. - includes practical sections in each chapter improving writing skills. - provides further practices for making long and complicated paragraphs in short and meaningful paragraphs with answer keys. -  includes a lot of phrases which can be reduced to one word. - is particularly helpful for removing some unnecessary grammatical rules, saving our time.

ISBN: 9781528989473


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