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Women in Solitary

Women in Solitary

By Shanthini Naidoo



Such events have been written about before, but conveyed in their own words and seen from their isolated yet shared experience of a single moment in the struggle, the women's stories are brought home in a way that at times is truly painful to read and at other times truly inspiring. The book's concern is not just to accord the four women - and others - their place in the history of the struggle for freedom, or to bring home their bravery. It weaves their experiences into the historical development of the struggle in a way that highlights broader issues. Draws out the particular ways in which women's experience of activism and repression differs from that of men, both in terms of the behaviour of the police and of the women's ties with community, family and children. The book's broad timespan underpins the psychological effects of sustained solitary confinement and its traumatic legacy. The women's stories lead to a chapter reflecting on the trauma and its impact when left unhealed.

ISBN: 9781032133652


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