When I Was Your Age H/B

When I Was Your Age H/B

By Valerie Cox



Includes interviews with Mary Kennedy, Sean O'Rourke, Mary Coughlan, Bertie Ahern and many others What was life like for Ireland's grandparents when they were young? What has changed for the better? What values do they wish to hand down? In these pages, grandmother and chronicler of times past Valerie Cox talks to fellow grandparents, creating an unforgettable trip down memory lane. Through schooldays, dating, jiving, childrearing, working life, holidays, fashion and more, memories are shared of a pre-digital age when the world seemed smaller and community life was central. They also describe the magic of the grandparent-grandchild relationship, and their hopes for the upcoming generation. Full of tender or surprising reminiscences from across Ireland, along with revelations on what truly matters in life, When I Was Your Age includes contributions from some of Ireland's best-known grandparents - a beautiful gift and a time capsule for the future.

ISBN: 9781399712293


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