Vapours Trails and Other Stories

Vapours Trails and Other Stories

By Roy Porter



Travelling home from Danegal early one evening, my wife, Anne, remarked how beautiful the plane's vapour trails looked stretching across the azure blue sky. Suddenly a picture of a book cover and the title Vapour Trails in the Sky filled my mind. "Grandad", suggested Erin, my granddaughter, as we discussed my new book, "why not write a book of short stories, you could call it-Vapour Trails and other short stories." Thus began this series with the titles, Vapour Trails, The Jersey Girl, the Horses Heads, The Wind Bloweth, The Sand, Sea Adventure, The Mist, The Daring Young Man. And for the young readers, Murphy and Mama Goose.

ISBN: 9781398412798


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