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Urban Criminology

Urban Criminology

By Rowland Atkinson



Urban Criminology offers an accessible analysis of our urban condition, viewed through the prism of crime, disorder and social harm. This book gathers cutting-edge treatments, research field reports and critical examinations of crime and harm in cities, from the disciplines of urban studies and criminology. The social, economic and political composition of cities and the various inequalities that mark out and drive the problem of crime in many cities today are foregrounded. Readers follow a series of thematic engagements, generating a deeper understanding of a range of key areas that include problems of violence, social and spatial divisions, housing, policing and the role of the urban economy in issues of financial crime. This book comes at a time of rising crime in many cities and complex responses by city administrations and communities. It presents a critical, political thesis - that crime in cities must be understood with reference to the varying social structures, political forces and economic opportunities of cities. These influences intersect to produce dramatic variations in victimisation and attempts at social control, often felt most strongly around class and gender divisions. To understand crime, we must better understand the life of the city. Urban Criminology seeks to present an integrated framework that brings to life these key issues and seeks to enthuse students of our urban condition - to locate the harms within it and to identify ways of reducing the risk of crime. This book is ideal reading for all students with an interest in cities, crime, community life, urban sociology and urban cultures.

ISBN: 9780415715317


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