Trump Tapes P/B

Trump Tapes P/B

By Bob Woodward



"An uncharacteristic warning from one of the most respected, non-partisan journalists in the world" -Jake Tapper, CNN "It was riveting. I couldn't get enough of it." -Gayle King, CBS Mornings The Trump Tapes  explodes with the exclusive, inside story of Trump's performance as president-in his own words as he is questioned, even interrogated by Woodward, on the president's key responsibilities from managing foreign relations to crisis management of the coronavirus pandemic. This is the job Trump seeks again. How did he do the first time? This is the authentic answer, laying bare his repeated failures, obsessions, and grievances. The Woodward interviews take a reader to a reporter's laboratory meticulously examining the Trump presidency like never before-spellbinding and devastating. *Including all 27 letters between President Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

ISBN: 9781668031964


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