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Truly Said Devotionals. Volume One

Truly Said Devotionals. Volume One

By Sharon Calhoun



Do you know you're a just a bunch of stories? You are. And every one of your every story bears a punchline, or point, only the God's Spirit reveals. When the Lord recites your narratives, He fires these epiphanic points that pour in light, resolving questions, dilemmas, and conflicts. Such illumination is what we refer to when we speak of ah-ha moments. As a psychotherapist, I see this ah-ha in my clients, as the Lord cognitively enhaloes truth in their trivial-or most idiomatically evocative-recollections. It's a joy hearing "What you said is so true!" and afterward the Holy Spirit's own finishing quip, "Truly said, indeed." Truly Said Devotionals - Volume One is a book of my own stories and ah-ha moments. I pray they inspire your relationship with that great teacher among us-Him who is the Holy Spirt.

ISBN: 9781643788227


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