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Transforming European Employment Policy

Transforming European Employment Policy

By Ralf Rogowski



Since the mid 1990s, the focus of European employment and social policy has shifted from protection to promotion. This book provides a timely analysis of this new form of governance, and the new forms of policy delivery and audit which accompany it. The limitations of the current approach became particularly apparent during the financial crisis of 2008, and it has now reached a turning point. The book offers a new coherent European reform agenda that views easing transitions in employment and promoting the development of individual and collective capabilities as cornerstones. The contributing authors focus on vocational training, life course policies, reflexive labor law and social insurance, from theoretical, empirical and practical perspectives. Transforming European Employment Policy will be of great benefit to policy makers as well as those researching or studying European law, labor law, industrial relations, political science, social policy or international business. Contributors: P. Auer, J.-M. Bonvin, C. Crouch, S. Deakin, C. Didry, B. Gazier, P. Kaps, R. Rogowski, R. Salais, G. Schmid, H. Schutz, N. Whiteside, P. Wotschack, B. Zimmermann

ISBN: 9781781005385


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