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Tiny Footcrunch

Tiny Footcrunch

By Director of Research David Was



Tiny Footcrunch was born out of emotions and sharpened by society's waning attention span. It delivers vast thoughts through tiny poems. Ten universal emotions. Sadness. Joy. Anger. Kindness. Fear. Love. Confusion. Humor. Curiosity. Hope. Ten petite poems carefully crafted and shepherded into each bloodline. This collection speaks to the era of texting tweeting twittering fast-paced visually digestible media we live in every day. Literature has changed. Long-form storytelling through print is falling out of favor while comments, posts and captions increasingly become the new narrative. These tiny poems bridge that divide. Savor suck snack stay on them - they are not meant to be devoured as if bite-size chocolates. Rather, bravely peel each poem back and reveal the many layers provided by each word, each line, each thought that pops into your head right at that pivotal moment when you have a raw wild running whipping racing through the forest visceral reaction to these . . . words on a page.

ISBN: 9781947021266


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