The Tree Runner

The Tree Runner

By Mark Power



Listening to his heart, a delightful boy called Philip Du Croi discovers a wondrous magic as deep and beautiful as the woods around his home. Realising his best friend has moved away without telling him, Philip's peaceful life in the sleepy town of Heart is about to change. Walking in the woods one day with sadness in his heart, he stops to share with an old tree about the loss of his friend and magically receives the ability to run upon the trees. When a wealthy businessman named Mr. Ufflewood buys the inventor's mansion outside town, Philip discovers how he secretly plans to buy the five woods around Heart and turn them into banknotes for his lumber mill. Joining forces with a beautiful girl in school named Honor Buzzbee, Philip finds the courage to tell her about his amazing new gift, and they plan a way into the great Ufflewood party at the old inventor's mansion to reveal the lumber tycoon's plans and save the woods and the town.

ISBN: 9781398402294


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