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The Ten Legal Cases That Made Modern Britain

The Ten Legal Cases That Made Modern Britain

By Inigo Bing



Law shapes society and society shapes law. In the 19th century, the law concentrated on setting the legal boundaries to the social cost of progress. The 20th and 21st centuries have produced new challenges that were unknown to Victorians and Edwardians. Personal identity and autonomy, equal citizenship, the relationship of citizens to those in power, the freedom to protest and speak freely and a belief that there can be choice about life and death have now assumed an importance they never had in times past. While we expect Parliament to reflect public opinion or repeal laws to respond to changes in public perception, this has not always happened in modern times. It has been legal cases in the courts which have also identified the need for change. This book tells the stories of ten cases which came before the courts where the decision of judges or a jury had a lasting impact on the society we inhabit.

ISBN: 9781785906626


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