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The Soul Question Part 1 The Soul and Its Progression

The Soul Question Part 1 The Soul and Its Progression

By Sidney Harley



The Soul Question: Where do we go from here? is a four-part series which explains as simply as possible in words and illustrations aspects of nature which are outside man's experience. The most important of these is the spirit condition of man. Life after death is not conditional on religion. We have no need to seek eternal life; it is not an extra, something we can earn. We cannot buy it or change the nature of it by wealth. We already have life and we can never end it. Life is seamless, simply passing from one state of being to another. The soul, whether, it is within a physical or spirit body, is the core of who and what we are. Understanding and accepting this will provide the most important platform from which to view all life and administer to our own. All people should be aware of their true condition whilst still living within the physical, and all should possess a reasonable conception of what is to follow. Only when this knowledge and its acceptance spreads worldwide will it become possible for civilisation to reach the desired state of peaceful cohabitation.The Soul Question series makes for essential reading for those interested in spirituality, and will appeal to those seeking deeper meaning in life.

ISBN: 9781785893292


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