The Silvercage

The Silvercage

By Helena Kelleher Kahn



Any worker attempting to help an abused and neglected child must gain the victim's trust - much easier said than done! The drawing took shape, the thin almost angular face with its little nose, sad mouth, and alert eyes. As I worked on the hair, I could sense Stella's footsteps, quiet though she tried to make them. A moment later, I was just quick enough to prevent her from snatching the book away from me and only just observant enough to catch the amazement on her face when she saw what I had made of her. I held my work out of her reach and was rewarded by the cry: "Let me see it! Ah, let me have it!" I gave her the drawing. "I don't want it torn up, Stella." She carried it away with her into the bedroom and closed the door.

ISBN: 9781398466067


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