The Signature Killer

The Signature Killer

By Paul Woodis



The crosshairs of the rifle scope were focused on a spot just behind the left ear. Before taking the shot, the assassin picked up a pair of binoculars to scan the area to be sure the shot wasn't going to be interrupted. He was looking at two men sitting at a small table outside a pub in Dublin, Ireland, each having a pint. Re-focusing the rifle scope, he took the shot. A small hole appeared just behind the left ear of the man known to be a high-ranking member of the Irish Republican Army. One eye popped out of his head and bounced off the table to the ground and rolled away. The other eye hung on his cheek by the optic nerve. A gray soup-like material that had been his brains, started to flow from his eye sockets, ears, and nose. As his body slumped over on the table, the other man, a secret member of an IRA opposition group from Belfast smiled and walked away from the table. 320 yards away, Stephen Finn was dismantling his rifle, removing his coveralls and gloves, and placing everything in his custom made briefcase. Stephen left the sparsely occupied building, and got into the stolen car he had waiting. He calmly drove to a small airstrip just outside of Dublin where he left the car, put on his flight suit and climbed into his very technologically advanced, custom designed jet and headed to the United States. After landing just south-west of Boston, Stephen Finn no longer existed. The man that emerged from that jet was now Antonio De Luca with all of the papers to prove he had been born and raised in the United States. Follow Tony in the next Antonio De Luca Adventure Series Story titled, "Stephany's Life".

ISBN: 9781398453852


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