The Poet and Existence

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The Poet and Existence

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Author: Yousef Sh'hadeh


ISBN: 9788323350088

Date: 16th May, 2023


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  2. History and Criticism


This book presents a critical study of five poetry collections by the Iraqi poet Hatif Janabi (Hatif Janabi): Faradis, aya'il wa 'asakir (Paradises, Deer, and Soldiers, four poetry collections in one, Damascus 1998), Ragba bayna gaymatayn (A Desire Between Two Clouds, Beirut 2009), Maw'id ma'a safrat as-sikkin (An Appointment with a Knife's Blade, Beirut 2012), I?a da?alta baytana fa-satuqabbil qadamayka al-'ataba (If You Enter Our Home, the Threshold Will Kiss Your Feet, Baghdad 2014), and Walimat al-asmak (Fish Banquet, Baghdad 2017). This study seeks to address essential aspects of Janabi's poetry, related to its ideational and philosophical contents, focusing on the multiple joints upon which the texts are based, and which are major milestones of the poet's imaginative world.

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