The Mountain At the Edge of Space

The Mountain At the Edge of Space

By Alastair Anbard



The Sidhe. The lost children. Snatched from the arms of mortals for eons and brought to the Mountain to linger for the rest of time. They serve as vessels for the gods - those mysterious, otherworldly beings who know nothing of the flesh, and in their infinite wisdom must take on a physical vessel for part of their existence, in order to understand all life. They dwell in the Mountain; that lonely hunk of rock floating aimlessly through the void. Though their days are often painfully uneventful, on certain occasions they are tasked with recording the names and histories of mortals in the Annals of Eternity. On very rare occasions, this means encountering a species that stands out from all the rest. When they meet a people with previously unseen power, living in the light of an unknown deity, they take them into their home as friends, allies. They have never known a true enemy. After all, who would dare to challenge the gods?

ISBN: 9781398483460


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