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The Model of the Corporate Compliance Officer

The Model of the Corporate Compliance Officer

By Katrin Kanzenbach



The book introduces the model of the corporate compliance officer under US, UK and German law and practice. It aims to analyze the compliance function within private sector companies in the three selected jurisdictions in order to present a model of the German Compliance Officer. There is little uniformity and standardization of the German compliance function outside the banking sector. It has been recognized that a generally applicable definition of the compliance function is as yet absent. There is a need for a generally applicable definition and a modern understanding of the role of the compliance officer. This is why this book is intended to bridge the gap in knowledge concerning the applicable legal standards required to ensure the effectiveness of this position. As such, it may be useful to examine the legal environment of the compliance function outside of the German framework and to explore the professional status and role of the corporate compliance officer in other countries, such as in the US and the UK.

ISBN: 9783631798218


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