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The Marian Way of Heart Knowledge

The Marian Way of Heart Knowledge

By Neill Reilly



"In the pursuit of an understanding of Mary that is undertaken in this book, it is clear that we are dealing with events beyond the reach of our normal faculties. Without effort on our part and help of some kind, Mary remains one more unsolvable mystery. In the activity of our striving to be open and reverent in our devoted pursuit of knowledge of these mysteries, we begin to tread the path of the Marian Way of Heart Knowledge." -- from the Foreword The Marian Way of Heart Knowledge guides the reader into and through the mystery of Mary as she appears in the New Testament, especially her composure and openness to life --- both its gifts and its sorrows. Reilly argues that these holy mysteries are not allegory, poetry, or simple fantasy. Rather, they are facts that can be known and experienced by everyone. This book also draws upon the wisdom of Rudolf Steiner as shared in The Philosophy of Freedom, arguing that it is possible for knowledge itself to become organically alive. This is an inspiring book which reveals how devotion and thinking with the heart -- the Marian way of heart knowing -- can guide us on our path toward true freedom.

ISBN: 9781584208914


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