The Man From Harrods

The Man From Harrods

By Steven Harris



It's a pretty boring job, tuning pianos, isn't it? Anyway, isn't it a dying craft now? It has been called a dying craft for years and it still holds a mystery for many people. Step back in time to the 1970s as Steven Harris begins an unusual and unexpected career as a piano tuner at Harrods Ltd, London's most famous department store. Prestigious emporium of the rich and elite, what was it like working there as a teenage trainee piano technician? How and why did the author - brought up in care and leaving school with virtually no qualifications whatsoever - get offered a position there? Steven Harris tells all in The Man from Harrods - a thoroughly entertaining and terrific tale! "A brilliant book written from the perspective of a piano tuner." Pianist International magazine

ISBN: 9781913551858


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