The Incumbent Spirit

The Incumbent Spirit

By George Francis



Why are we here? What is our purpose? Is there a higher power and can we connect with it? These eternal questions have been posed throughout the ages. Various views and opinions towards the answers have formed clusters of believers who then forge separate groups of thinking and ideology, sometimes causing division, war, and death. This book of poetry challenges these questions once more, seeking universal answers which could bind the human race together in a way which respects life and its diversity, while suggesting commonalities of being. Thought provoking, inspirational and comforting, it inspires the reader to look at life through the eyes of others, raising levels of compassion and self-awareness on a journey of spiritual contemplation. The Incumbent Spirit is an anthology of spiritual poetry inspired by the need for peace, understanding, and togetherness, composed in a year of fear and division. In here are words to inspire the seeking of love, peace, and wisdom from spirit, through spirit, to spirit.

ISBN: 9781398434981


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