The Identity of Jesus: Nordic Voices

The Identity of Jesus: Nordic Voices

By Matti Kankaanniemi



Much of the Jesus scholarship has concentrated on the so-called self-identity of Jesus. However, due to the recent emphasis on the subjective perception and memory processes in the methodology of Jesus research, it is meaningful to re-conceptualize the question. The authors of this volume approach the question of the identity of Jesus from different angles. Viewpoints vary from that of comparative religion to the analysis of the narratives Jesus told, some key events of his life and existing identities of the first century Judaism. The overall aim in this collection of articles is to provide informative and updated perspectives on one of the most central questions of the research field. The papers given in the first Nordic Symposium of the Historical Jesus in Abo 2010 have been modified and collected to cover important aspects in the historical Jesus research.

ISBN: 9783161522048


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