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The Goldfinch Caution Tapes

The Goldfinch Caution Tapes

By James D'Agostino



'D'Agostino's poetry is inexhaustible in the most seductive way, and I say that with confidence after rereadings that left me boggled, dazzled, smitten, amazed, wowed, charmed . Though I can't adequately express the book's dissonant beauty, I can say it was thrilling to discover poems packed with infinite resonance that are infinitely fun to read . Like the greatest lyric poetry, his poems . keep . exceeding their bounds and creating revelation. What a surprise. What a find. What a cool poet. What a feast.'- from Alice Fulton's foreword 'This book is a heroic feat of observational meteorology, a rallying cry, and the now definitive handbook on Midwestern punk zazen. These poems move like David Byrne dances: they're jittery, funny, and deeply soulful all at the same time. They perfectly demonstrate the wild beauty and strangeness of our predicament. 'Just wait a minute and the bang / keeps getting bigger.' This book, too, resounds' - Dobby Gibson, author of Little Glass Planet 'I'm not suggesting that D'Agostino is a seer, though he may be; I'm just saying that his poems run roughshod over the rules of our language-and in so doing they slam us headlong into genuine discovery: Instead of the epiphany of recognition, D'Agostino's book offers experiences that couldn't exist outside of their language, which makes our encounter with them not a recognition but a revelatio' - Dan Rosenberg, author of Bassinet

ISBN: 9781911379126


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