The Garden Where Four Rivers Flow

The Garden Where Four Rivers Flow

By Uriel Hart



".and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male shall not be male, and the female shall not be female.then you will enter the kingdom."   From the ' Gospel of Thomas' If you were to weave together elements of the story of Jesus, the 'Song of Solomon', the atmosphere and feminine magic of a Celtic fairy tale, it might read something like 'The Garden Where Four Rivers Flow', the first book in 'The Passionate Master' series.  Set in biblical times in the enchanted forest of Elnazar, it is a re-imagining of the love story of Mary and Joseph: the song of Rebekah, the weaver, and Heshel, the carpenter. Rebekah, the spider girl, the daughter of Ariadna, her childhood dream to weave the robe of rainbows. Invisible as the wind to her one true love. Heshel, son of the cedars and mortal king of the Fair Kind, his one secret desire to pursue the craft of the carpenter. It is the testimony of the Baal-Azar, the fire priest, the magi from the mountain, of his role in the birth of Yeshua, the Blue Star Spirit. Yeshua, Yeshua, thus named by the wind. Fated to be crowned upon the bitter cross. It is a eulogy heralding the coming of the divine androgyne. 'Tis the ancient, hidden tale of 'The Alchemical Wedding'. So listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. To the Voice Of The Silence. To the Voice Of The Flame. The Prophecy fulfilled. The Word uttered, proclaimed. For when the red star rises and the blue star descends, when these two have come to be as one, when goat lies with leopard and wolf with the lamb, salvation shall spring forth from the Rock Of Horeb.

ISBN: 9781803132433


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