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The Constitution of Bangladesh

The Constitution of Bangladesh

By Arafat Hosen Khan



The book provides a comprehensive introduction to the Constitution of Bangladesh. It traces the sociopolitical and legal context of its birth in the aftermath of a violent Independence War, through to the seventeen amendments to date as Bangladesh evolved through military coups and dictatorships, shifting alliances between religious and political parties, and the emergence of development state. Aimed at readers who are keen to understand the underpinnings of the constitutional system, its evolution, and the politics behind the scenes, the book will explore the impact of political bargains and extra-legal developments on the evolution of the Constitution instead of treating it as a standalone doctrine. By focusing on the overall sociopolitical context up until 2020, the book departs from the dominant tendency in legal scholarship to restrict attention to the development of the Constitution from its inception to the modern day. The volume will be of great interest to scholars and researchers of law, politics and South Asian studies.

ISBN: 9781032424880


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